Win handmade jewelry in the “Spring is in the Air” Blog Hop

Win handmade jewelry in the “Spring is in the Air” Blog Hop

first ride on RaiderHere in Minnesota, we are desperate for warm weather to arrive. Especially us biker chicks! I am especially anxious since I purchased a new motorcycle late in the season last year and was only able to ride it ONCE due to weather (check it out – that’s me!). The first nice spring day, that’s where I’ll be – even if I have to play hookey for an afternoon!

I’m sure that Gina, the heroine in Take Two: a Hollywood Romance, would feel the same. After all, she’s got a Harley (which looks amazingly like my new bike, even though I wrote the book long before I found it) that she uses to de-stress from her job with the “beautiful people” and the pressures of directing a Hollywood film.

When up-and-coming Hollywood heartthrob Zac Davies is poisoned on the set and needs a quiet place to recover, Gina invites him into her home – along with her two teenaged daughters. It’s no surprise he gets hooked on motorcycles at the same time he gets hooked on Gina!

As part of the celebration of spring, I’m participating in the “Spring is in the Air” blog hop March 21-24. As part of that hop, I’m giving away handmade jewelry: a necklace and earring combo!

I’m not sophisticated enough to run special software to track entries, so this is what you need to do to enter:

Make a comment on this post or ANY of my blog posts (my software will let me know when you do) You can include your email address in a format like this: tracey (at) to avoid spam-bots picking up your email address.

Here are some blog posts you might find interesting:

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  • what singer Pink has in common with one of my Take Two characters

Remember, without your email address in the comments, you can’t win!

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8 thoughts on “Win handmade jewelry in the “Spring is in the Air” Blog Hop

  1. Brandi

    Cool motorcycle!! I’m in Massachusetts & it’s still too cold to ride a motorcycle here too! Hope it warms up soon so u can go riding. =)

    Thank you for having this giveaway! I subscribed to your newsletter too! =)
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  2. Teresa

    My brother and his family all love to ride motorcycles. Him and his 2 sons and his daughter. 🙂

    tar7159 at sbcglobal dot com

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