Writing an Older Heroine (Book Review)

Writing an Older Heroine (Book Review)

If you ever get tired of the typical romance heroines – or just need a break from them – this book is a refreshing change. The heroine is a middle-aged woman, and she is FUNNY. She is plain spoken, full of character quirks (foibles?), and makes gentle fun of herself. Her insecurities often revolve around her “older” body, but even then she does what she wants. Even her jargon makes her come to life.

And her interactions with the hero (who is a middle-aged cop) had me laughing out loud… especially the way the author handled the sex scene. (That’s all I’ll say so as not to ruin it for anyone!)

Of course, as a writer myself, I got even more chuckles out of the storyline, which involves not one but TWO author murders, all during one long weekend at a writers conference. I chuckled my way through this one!

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