Writing Sample: What does she see?

Writing Sample: What does she see?

The past few weeks I’ve been working on a new storyline, and since I haven’t posted any writing samples lately, I thought it would be fun to pull a ‘sample’ from it. What kind of questions does the scene below conjure up for YOU?

Gina let herself into Zac’s hotel room and stood looking around in the dim light. It looked like a typical bachelor pad, with clothing randomly strewn about and papers littering the small desk. She reached for the light and hesitated; was it a good idea to turn it on?

She chided herself. Darkness was rapidly falling; what could she possibly hope to find if she couldn’t see? She flipped a switch and headed for the desk.

It felt odd to be poking through Zac’s things, especially when she wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking for. The papers on the desk were almost all shooting scripts. She checked the drawers of the desk; nothing but his computer and a jumble of napkins and wet wipes.

What next? The drawers? It would really feel odd to go through his underwear…

She needed more light. She went around the bed and reached for the bedside lamp switch. The halo lit up the area, and she gawked at what she saw. “It can’t be,” she whispered.

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