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People sometimes ask how long I’ve been writing, and what drives me to write.

I wrote during high school but never with any intention of publishing. In college, my creative outlet was music. Later I got into the beaded jewelry craze, but that phased out after my son was born (beads and toddlers don’t mix well). In the meantime, I would write when the muse struck, and eventually I had a half-dozen novels (or, more specifically, parts and pieces of).

My writing is heavily influenced by my experience as an Army Reserve paramedic and exposure to helicopter medevac (I obtained my helicopter pilot license in 2001), as well as my over 20 years as a “biker chick.” I like to explore how a character deals with what life throws at them, and how they change and grow because of the experiences.

I’m usually playing around with a short story or two. However, because of this fascination with personal transformation, my short stories tend to become long stories…novellas…and even “novels-in-waiting”! But most of my short-story writing tends to fall into two areas: Sensual/Erotic and Military Themed (sometimes both!).

I recently completed my first dramatic script, and discovered a “secret” desire to write a film script (someday, perhaps when my kids are older). I even enjoy writing essays now and then. They’re so much shorter than a novel – sometimes it’s nice to actually complete something in shorter than two years)!


Characters in my novels are intertwined with other novels. For instance, the main female character in Last Chance Rescue (Jessie) was briefly married when she was younger. Her husband? Major Aaron Bricewick, the hero of True Surrender! And in Take Two, the characters are shooting a film titled… True Surrender!