YOUR Photos Needed for Biker Project

YOUR Photos Needed for Biker Project

Get a FREE Video and Gift Certificate … (if you’ve got the right stuff!)

Here’s what we need: photos of GUY and GAL riding together on their own motorcycles. The gal MUST be riding her OWN bike beside, behind or in front of her guy (this is important!). We cannot use photos of guy and gal standing next to the motorcycles, nor can we use photos of the gal as passenger. She MUST be the driver! (It is OK to have a “stationary” photo, where you’re not moving, but if so, do something fun or different with it.)

We are not interested in scantily-clad model women; we want real women bikers and the men manly enough to love them the way they are!

The Project

I can’t tell you much – after all, that would ruin the surprise (see below to get sneak peeks).  I will say that we hope to complete it by late October/early November – and that it’s going to be cool! We need your help to make it even cooler.

If we use your photo, we’ll provide you with a free copy of the video and a gift certificate good on anything at (important: see legal mumbo-jumbo below).

How to Submit:

  1. Read the legal mumbo-jumbo (below).
  2. Email to Tracey (at) If you don’t get a confirmation reply within (2) business days, please re-contact me (to make sure it didn’t get blocked or go to the spam filter).
  3. If you have a large amount of photos (or large photos) please email me first at the address above so I can have you upload to our DropBox account.

Deadline: September 20, 2012.

Get Involved

Even if you’re not submitting (just interested in the project), like my Facebook page because I’ll be sharing sneak peeks and photos from the project starting in late September (we might even have some freebies to give away). Or join my subscriber list to get specific info right in your in-box (I only email every six weeks or so).

And while you’re here, please check out my novels, True Surrender and Last Chance Rescue. I am currently working on my third novel which will release in 2013. And YES, this one finally has a character who rides a motorcycle!



Please read before submitting. By submitting photos or video to Twiggle T Productions “Biker Project,” you have agreed to the following.

I, for good and valuable consideration, certify and agree that all of the images/documents/files (hereinafter referred to as “Masters”) rendered by me in connection with the “BIKER PROJECT” by TWIGGLE T PRODUCTIONS shall be deemed a work “made-for-hire.”

I grant to TWIGGLE T the exclusive worldwide right in perpetuity to manufacture, sell, reproduce, adapt, distribute, transmit, communicate and otherwise use the Master(s) in any form and by any method now or hereafter known, including, without limitation, via cable transmission, satellite transmission, electronic transmission, transmission via the Internet (including any promotional or commercial downloads), and advertise phonograph records or other reproductions (visual and non-visual.

I waive any and all moral and like rights in the Master(s) and the performances and/or compositions embodied therein and I agree not to make any claim against TWIGGLE T or any party authorized by TWIGGLE T. To the extent that I may be deemed the “author” of the Master(s), I hereby grant and assign to TWIGGLE T all rights of every kind and nature whether now or hereafter known or created throughout the universe in perpetuity.

I represent to TWIGGLE T that, to the best of my knowledge, all Masters provided to TWIGGLE T are not in violation of any third parties’ patent, trademark, copyright or service mark rights.

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